Art 1: Competition theme


The Institut français du Design, which has its headquarters at 5 Rue de Messine, Paris 75008 (hereafter “the FDI” or “the Organiser”), is organising a photography competition with the theme “Photography of the Mediterranean lands of tomorrow”, which is free to enter, and accessible on the Organiser’s website at the address (hereafter the “Competition”).


Art 2: Entry and Competition Period


The Competition will run from 10 April to 15 November 2023 (hereafter the “Competition Period”).


It is open to all students, particularly those studying at colleges of design, applied arts, interior design, photography, communication, journalism, etc. Participants may enter the competition individually or in teams (hereafter, “Participants”).


Teams must be made up exclusively of students (who may come from the same or different colleges), and should consist of a maximum of three people.


Participants may submit a maximum of three (3) photographs in the form of single images or a series.


Art 3: Registration and Participation


By participating in the Competition, entrants indicate their express and unreserved acceptance of all these rules (hereafter, the “Rules”), and their compliance with Internet ethics (etiquette, code of conduct), and laws and regulations.


To enter, Participants (as individuals or teams) should register on the website at, under the Competition tab.


The Participant undertakes to complete the registration form in good faith. Entries submitted by any other means (including by post) will not be considered. Any registration that does not satisfy the conditions set out in these Rules will not be considered, and there shall be no requirement on the part of the Organiser to notify the Participant in advance.


In particular, a registration will only be valid if it complies with the following requirements:

  • Participants may submit a maximum of three (3) photographs in the form of single images or a series.
  • Photographs submitted cannot have been the subject of a public exhibition prior to the competition.


For each photograph submitted, they will provide:


  • The title,
  • A caption text of 300 characters (including spaces) describing the subject and their approach,
  • The surname and forename of the creator(s) and their contact details,
  • The name of the college,
  • All photographs submitted must be consistent with the theme of the Competition,
  • Photographs that have been retouched will be accepted; however, synthetic photos and photomontages are not allowed,
  • All photographs submitted will be uploaded, in digital JPEG format, onto the Competition website at the time of registration,
  • All photographs must have an aspect ratio of 2:3, and may be in either landscape or portrait format, and in colour or black and white,
  • Photographs must measure at least 3250 x 2450 pixels,
  • The Organiser may reject any photograph which, in their view, clearly does not comply with the requirements.


At the request of the Organiser, the Participant undertakes to send the photograph in digital JPEG format and in high definition (at least 3250 x 2450 px), for purposes such as the organisation of an exhibition.


In any event, by registering for the Competition, the Participant gives an undertaking that the content of the photo uploaded to the websites complies with all current legislation, and more specifically:


  • Does not threaten public order and does not offend public morals,
  • Respects the intellectual property rights of third parties,
  • Does not damage the reputation, private life and image of any third party,
  • Does not contain derogatory or defamatory comments,
  • Is not of a paedophilic nature,
  • Is not inappropriate for children,
  • Is not of a pornographic nature,
  • Does not compromise the security or integrity of a State or territory,
  • Does not incite discrimination on the basis of gender, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, age or political opinions,
  • Does not incite crime, hatred, violence, suicide or racism,
  • Does not incite people to commit crimes, offences or acts of terrorism,
  • Does not contain any registered trademarks.


This list is not exhaustive.


Art 4: Selection of winning entries


When the competition closes, the photographs will be assessed by a jury made up of professionals from the fields of architecture, urban planning, photography, visual arts, design and social sciences, who are all selected by the Institut Français du Design. The jury will employ the following selection criteria:


  • Relevance to the theme of “Photography of the Mediterraneans of tomorrow”
  • An original presentation of new practices
    • The promotion of a humanistic (and optimistic) perspective
    • The artistic qualities of the photograph
  • The emotional impact at first glance



Art 5: Jury, Deliberations and Support from sponsors


When the Competition Period ends – on 15 November 2023 -, a grand jury will meet in Paris and/or by videoconference no later than December 2023, unless the Organiser decides to extend the deadline.


The jury, whose decision is final, will choose the “winning” photographs (hereafter, the “Winning Photographs”) which will make up the “List of Prize Winners”. The jury will award a special distinction, “the Podium”, to the best photographs in this “List of Prize Winners”.

The Institut Français du Design will thank the students who took part in the competition in a dedicated space in the virtual gallery and on the website.


Participants will be informed of the Competition results, either on the Organiser’s website, or by email, no later than the end of June 2023.


The Winning Photographs may be printed and exhibited as part of the events organised by the Institut Français du Design. Participants will be informed in advance of the exhibition venues. The Organiser may also, at its discretion, produce an exhibition catalogue (in digital format).


The Competition is supported by sponsors. Full details can be found on the website.